Going the ETA route is stepping outside your comfort zone. Regardless of your background, you need to educate yourself on all the components you do not know. Searchfunder is a great source of information to do so, especially with their recorded webinars. This is my list of the top 6 webinars (in sequential order) for those of you who have chosen this path.

1. Hiring Interns. Powering Your Proprietary Search With Y-Combinator Tools And Elite Interns by ^Ronald AngSiy

2. Deal Sourcing. Deal Sourcing for searchers by ^Gabe Galvez

3. Using a CRM. How to Use HubSpot for Your Business Search and Acquisition by ^Walter Mannino

4. Financial Modeling. Modeling for Traditional Search Deals - Intro to Building Financial Models by ^Alexander Mears

5. Legal. Common Mistakes Searchers Make by ^Andy Lock

6. Investors Relationship. Getting the Most Out of Your Search Investors by ^Jeff Stevens

What are yours? Do you have any other video to add to the list?