Are you tired of spending countless hours combing the internet to find the hottest deals that fit your acquisition criteria?

Fed up with spending 2-4 months doing due diligence on what you think is the perfect deal, just to find out that they've had skeletons in the closet the whole time?

Or are you afraid to submit LOIs because of your lack of experience/credibility?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this may be for you....

At Just Deal Flow, we are sourcing off market deals that are custom to your criteria. Before we pass the deals on to you, we have analysts that are digging into the businesses and pulling over 165 data points to make sure the company is exactly what it says that it is on paper. When it comes time to submit offers and begin negotiations, you have direct access to our team of analysts to help you structure the deal with the most favorable terms. If your interested in learning more about our process schedule a free strategy session with our team using this link: