We often get inquiries about how to best promote an event, conference, product, services, bank, accelerator or other business on Searchfunder. We have 2 methods: (1) Event Post and (2) Premium Services, which includes Featured Profiles and Banner Advertising;

Event posts work best for targeting the entire community at no cost. Featured profile works well for reaching individual targets when they are looking for you. You only pay for meaningful engagement with your target. Banner advertising can be used to build awareness for your product, service or event. With Featured Profiles and Banner Advertising, you can select the demographics of your target and set your own budget. Our process is similar to other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google adwords

1) Post Your Event on Searchfunder

Any Searchfunder member may post an event on our calendar related to search funds, entrepreneurship through acquisition, entrepreneurship or M&A.

Step 1: Click Full Calendar on the upper right of your Timeline page. You can also locate the page by clicking on the main menu ► next to your upper right profile pic.

Step 2: Click +Create Event and then follow the prompts

Contact ^Searchfunder member‌, if you would like to live stream your event on Searchfunder. For our library of past events, see: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/past

2) Add Your Company to My Discount or Perks Page

I’ve launched a discount and perks page to help members find deals and info: Click here for more info. The listing is free.

3) Premium Services

Here's the easy step-by-step guide for how to advertise and reach your desired audience on Searchfunder.

You'll find featured Profiles and Banner Advertising options under Premium Services on the Main menu ► located next to your profile pic (in the upper right corner).

While it may be tempting to shortcut these Premium Services by doing a post or comment on Searchfunder. Naked sales promotions tend to get reported incredibly quickly by our members. For best practices on posting and commenting on Searchfunder, click here.

A) Featured Profile

1) Click on promote my profile on the main menu. Then, click Try a Test Bid

2) Your current profile ranking will be displayed at the top of the page.

3) Enter your test bid amounts. In the example, below the ranking has moved up to #7 through a test bid of $6 for each click. For Searchfunder, a click is a searcher sending you a PPM, a deal or connection request -- thus meaningful engagement by the searcher with you. Also, as shown, you can set your monthly budget. In the example, $200 per month is used. Once you've reached your monthly budget your featured status will be automatically removed.

4) If you'd like more tailored demographics, you can click on show advanced options

Here you can adjust the geography, type of searcher, stage of search and educational background.

B) Banner Advertising

1) Click on Purchase Banners under Premium Services on the right side of the main menu.

2) Click on create banner and complete the demographics section.

3) Set your monthly budget on the right hand side of the screen. You can adjust your budget based on the % of the demographic you wish to reach.

4) Upload your banner ad. We recognize that some businesses do not have a marketing department. So, we have partnered with a professional designer who is building their portfolio and will design your banner. We just need your logo/artwork and what you'd like to say to get started.

5) If you'd like to direct the individual to your website or to one of your posts on Searchfunder, enter the url in the banner link url. section.

6) DASHBOARD: We provide you a dashboard to monitor the number of user impressions and user clicks.

7) BONUS: We thank our banner advertisers during our live stream events (example below). Please send us your logo for inclusion. You can DM us by replying to your welcome email or email --@----.com Our list of sponsors is updated on a monthly basis.

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