Every year Thesis Capital works with a very small group of entrepreneurs to help them acquire businesses in the US Lower Middle Market. Cohorts are generally reserved for search fund entrepreneurs. Our searchers typically serve as CEOs directly inside the company after acquisition. We prefer searchers looking to buy and hold.

To ensure quality, the total number of search candidates per cohort will be limited.

Once an entrepreneur passes our initial screening process, they will participate in our proprietary bootcamp that is an intense 12-week experience. The searchers who successfully complete the training and we view will be a good fit with Thesis Capital become Search Partners ready to overcome early-stage challenges and quickly ramp up their search process.

Thesis assists with building and managing pipeline and business evaluation. We bring our transaction experience to bear to assist with offer preparation, due diligence, communication with sellers, legal, accounting and lending firms to complete the transaction.

When opportunity is created to acquire a business, Thesis provides the equity from pledged capital when appropriate.

Self-funded searchers who partner with Thesis Capital retain maximum economics when compared to incubated and traditional search.

Please reach out to --@----.com or check out the Thesis Capital Search Funder job posting to learn more and apply.