That topic came up today during my worldwide Zoom Q&A session with people wanting to buy a business. And, it’s apropos for what’s happening to searchers being scammed by self-proclaimed experts trying to sell their how-to courses and their questionable advice to naive people wanting to buy small and midsize businesses.

Searchers who buy the wrong businesses the wrong ways are being unfairly influenced by charlatans and self-declared experts who haven’t put into practice, for themselves, what they preach and/or they’re dispensing whatever they’ve gleaned from reading books written by dealmakers who actually know how to do winning deals.

Craig helps owners of SME businesses either exit profitably or build their business for a later exit. He’s also looking to acquire profitable businesses in the £1M to £10M Turnover range. You’ll hear more about Craig later during our conversation, but for now let’s get to the juicy stuff . . .

So, Craig, what are you seeing? [Listen to him.]

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