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Are you a BIPOC Searcher, Operator, or Investor? Maybe you're a BIPOC MBA student interested in ETA

I’m excited to announce a new social series where we are bridging the BIPOC MBA ETA community with the Black Searcher Network in a quarterly interactive virtual mixer. This isn't your standard Zoom event where you listen to 1 speaker for 45min and maybe get a 10 minute break out room. This is a highly FUN interactive way to step away from work, and network and support fellow BIPOC ETA professionals and aspirants. It's hosted by me, Hereford Johnson, a rising second year at Kellogg (the most fun business school that gets things done!) so you know it's going to be a great time. It is my goal to make each of these events VERY worth the time spent, so please RSVP, arrive timely with your cameras on. See you soon!