To say that it's been an eventful 6-12 months in the banking sector would be an understatement: Beginning in January, 2022, we've seen the US Federal Funds rate increase from .08% to 4.83%, which (in part) precipitated the rapid collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and the rescue of First Republic Bank by JPMorgan, representing the second largest bank failure in the history of the United States.

Against this backdrop, CEOs and prospective acquirors of SMBs understandably have a lot of questions about their banking partners, their ability to secure loans, and the terms under which they may be able to do so.

To get us up to speed on the state of lower-middle-market credit in North America, I'm joined today by Anthony Rodriguez and ^Searchfunder member‌ of Avidbank, who walk us through what has changed, the "new normal", and what it all means for entrepreneurs and CEOs running (or seeking to acquire) a small business.

The State of Lower-Middle Market Credit: Two Major Bank Failures, Rising Interest Rates, and a Looming Recession