Hey Searchfunders - after I started my first company early in my career, I've said  multiple times that I'd never attempt to start something from scratch again. I've held true to that promise with a recent focus on buying plant companies, which is detailed here, until now

Last year I came across a problem begging for a solution, with no competitors in sight: the problem of child identity theft and the administrative difficulty of freezing credit reports on behalf of a child.

My team launched Credit Parent at the beginning of the month. Credit Parent offers a document automation service that makes it super easy for parents to freeze their kids' credit reports online. Financial and security experts agree everyone should freeze their kids' credit reports, so hopefully all you parents will do it, whether or not you use Credit Parent to do so.  We'd greatly appreciate any support from the Searcher community spreading the word to friends and loved ones! We also have an affiliate marketing program for anyone interested in sales commissions for their referrals. To do it for yourself, use discount code SEARCHER19 at checkout for $10 off each kid.

In the process of building Credit Parent, I discovered Formstack, which is a great tool for web-based forms with awesome security, encryption, and automated logic features, as well as integration with many other services that extend its functionality. I am now starting to use Formstack in my other operating business as well. This might be a good tool for searchers and operators to add to their business process-builders toolkit.

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