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Conclusion It is not our intention to actively dissuade prospective entrepreneurs or investors from wading into the ETA pool. Rather, we just want participants to enter with cognizance and eyes wide open. Whatever ETA was at its inception, it is no longer that today, and it will change further in the future. The word more is the best way to describe ETA’s next era. More activity, more investors, more capital, more competition, more democratization, more models, more specialization, more cultural disharmony, more geography, and more schools. The only exception we can think of is returns, where we will see less. These dynamics will cause some to bemoan what was a golden moment for ETA. We understand that, but change and evolution rumble on, and trying to halt the unavoidable is a fool’s errand. Instead, savvy aspiring entrepreneurs and investors should be thinking about how to shape the coming change to suit their needs and preferences and how to adapt to the transformations as best as possible. ETA will assuredly feel different, but entrepreneurs and investors will still enrich themselves and even enjoy intellectual and emotional rewards – no different than in the private equity and venture capital asset classes that morphed from clubby cottage habitats into fully professionalized and transactional behemoths. We wish entrepreneurs and investors good luck and success navigating ETA’s unpreventable – but still exciting – metamorphosis!