If you are like us you have read some great industry reports like the McGuireWoods Independent Sponsor Survey or the Stanford Search Fund Survey. These surveys are adjacent to SMB HoldCos but not directly applicable in most cases. We've always wondered why there wasn't a great resource like those but designed just for the common questions asked by SMB HoldCos. Since we couldn't find such a survey we decided to start it!

Our HoldCo Survey will help answer best practices questions like:

  • What shared services do you utilize across the HoldCo?
  • What is the minimum EBITDA you would look at for a Bolt-On or Tuck-In acquisition?
  • How do you fund equity on PortCos?

The survey is for existing HoldCos and will only take about five minutes to complete and your submission will be 100% confidential. We understand that your time is valuable, but by participating in this survey, you will be contributing to the SMB HoldCo community and helping others in their journey.