This week's blog post is a special one, and one that commanded more of my time than any other post that I've published over the past two years. This week, I present the results of a comprehensive survey of SaaS CEOs (specifically, those who became owners/CEOs by way of the search fund model). I chose to conduct this study for two primary reasons:

(1) To better understand the complexion of the "typical" software acquisition within the search fund ecosystem; &
(2) To see whether or not the the complexion of the "typical" software acquisition has CHANGED over time.

As you will see from the data, I feel safe in concluding that, yes, the profile of the typical SaaS acquisition has indeed changed over the past few years, in some cases quite materially.

The blog post below will walk you through how and why I arrived at this conclusion:

The 2023 SaaS CEO Survey