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With the ever-increasing demand for internet speed and connectivity, there is a race taking place among the major ISP’s within the more densely populated metropolitan areas in unrolling ultra high-speed and ultra-wide band internet connectivity. While there are a number of regions across the US with a footprint for services from some of the major providers, within a disproportionate amount of these regions connectivity can be labeled as marginal at best. The areas of the Country which are not quite metropolitan and bordering well populated rural communities are in a position that independent quality broadband internet providers (WISP’s) can create a significant demand and following within these regions. We are representing a Wireless Internet Services Provider (aka WISP) who has been in the ISP space for 20+ years and has created a presence and capability for broadband services, and far-and-ahead leading the connectivity race within their region based on: internet speed and capability, connectivity, overall footprint, and internal management platform for managing operations and clients. Additional Bullet points on the Company: -Fast growing uniquely positioned WISP -Premium differentiated offering adding a remarkable ~100+ (and increasing) new customers per month (after churn) -Leading WISP within the NorCal with NO real and direct competitor -Strong profit margins with Monthly Recurring Revenue and no DEBT -Automated systems related to bringing on clients with little need for CSR oversight -Proprietary network optimization solution to optimize all levels of network technology consistently and reliably increasing network speeds by 4x-5x current / listed capacity -Software solution may or may not be included in a sale which can be deployed nationwide to increase capacity (and profits) for WISP’s nationwide -WISP with proprietary and unique solutions to compete with multi-billion dollar ISP, with a foundation and untapped market and tech which is now, today primed and ready for wide scale deployment and unprecedented growth With the current foundation and technologies available to the Company (hardware and software) coupled with the Company’s service offering, the Company is growing at a fast rate with a network reach to connect to nearly 700k users. NDA is required {LINK ABOVE} to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information: Facilities: Yes, ample physical space for expansion and growth. Competition: Yes, outlined in CIM. Growth & Expansion: Abundant growth opportunities; little marketing up to this point, Company’s far reaching network, one-of-a-kind capabilities related to network architecture can support a significant scale and growth. Financing: Depending on offer and structure may be acceptable; in most cases would be minimal at best however would be dependent on offer and structure. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Pivot into tech and other tech offerings the Seller is looking to pursue creating an opportunity for a new Owner.

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