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The agency's tutors provide top-tier academic tutoring and test prep services to children of ultra-high net worth families in the NYC area. These families want the best tutors in the world, and the agency delivers - charging rates averaging over $600/hour and as high as $950/hour. The company operates as a talent agency for tutors, negotiating rates and handling billing in exchange for a 20% agency commission. The company's business has grown consistently through COVID, with tutors booking $7.5M in billings in###-###-#### A high percentage of revenue from agency commissions drops to the bottom line thanks to the company's low operating expenses: tutoring is done remotely, and the agency generates leads entirely through its strong referral network. The company’s founders are seeking an exit to fund their new entrepreneurial ventures (none of which are competitive with the company). They hope to see the company reach its full potential under new growth-oriented leadership who will focus on greater marketing outreach. Tuck Advisors is representing the owners in the sale process. To take the next step and sign the NDA, or to ask for more information, please contact --@----.com P&L: 2020 Revenue $5.57M / EBITDA $0.655 2021 Revenue $7.57M / EBITDA $0.945 2022 Revenue $8.45M / EBITDA $1.084M 2023 Estimates: Revenue $9.75M / EBITDA $1.876M Balance Sheet: Very asset-light business.

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New York, NY, USA
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