Sometimes this game feels like crawling on your hands and knees through a sea of broken glass.

But remember, it only takes 1 deal to literally change EVERYTHING.

Take for example this honest chap on Twitter -- @tradesearcher -- who was brave enough to share his outreach numbers.

He started with a list of 34,044 companies on his prospect list. <Holy smokes!>

Care to guess how many LOIs he actually submitted???

Try 22 LOIs.

And only 6 of these got signed.

It took him 14 grueling months, but ultimately, he found success!

Mission accomplished.

Here are the numbers....

>>> Companies contacted: 34,044

>>> Emails sent: 133,982 (this averages out to ~4 emails per company on his list)

>>> CEO phone calls: 577 (yup, dialin' for dollars)

>>> LOIs submitted: 22

>>> LOIs signed: 6

>>> Businesses acquired: 1 !!!

This guy might be the David Goggins of Search.