I am looking for templates/documents around minority equity structures - particularly specific to sweat equity.

Background info -I am in conversation with a couple of companies within the fashion & lifestyle categories wherein I will take up a minority position (20% to 40%) in return for their backend operations (sourcing, supply chain) and certain parts of front end operations (geographic expansion, product line & distribution expansion)

I am looking for inputs on the following -
1. DD checklist - I have a very detailed checklist which is good for standard majority acquisition but I want to trim it down to the most relevant points. I am looking for specific pointers that are not very exhaustive and yet critical even at minority acquisition deals (For example, DSCR, SDE etc.)

2. Deal Structuring - What would be the best way to structure a deal. Should it be similar to traditional search fund model, say 1/3rd at the time of acquisition, 1/3rd time based vesting and 1/3rd on meeting & exceeding the milestones or should it be structured in venture format (4 year vesting with 1 year cliff) or are there any other structures availiable for earn-as-you-go equity