Hi All,

We are under a 40-day LOI for an acquisition of a sustainable UK-based consumer brand in the food and beverage space (a clean coffee and low-carb food supplement brand). Total acquisition price - £897K ($1.11M).

This brand currently sells primarily on Amazon UK, with a strong 35% retention rate and a 55% EBIDTA growth rate. This brand is run by just one person with a lot of low-hanging fruit. We have a strong team in place to exponentially grow this brand.

We are seeking to raise £1.5M to acquire and grow this brand. Our growth plan is over a 5-year period - we intend to expand this brand across 4 other Amazon geographies (Germany, France, Spain, and the United States) as well as accelerate their eCommerce website sales.

Longer-term, we intend to expand via retail distribution through grocery stores. Happy to expand on the full growth plan.

Some light financial information:

Turnover (TTM): £703k (£542K in 2020) (£244K in 2019)

Adjusted EBITDA / SDE (TTM): £184k

Enterprise value: £897k (4X SDE)

Deal Structure

Debt secured: 48% LTV

Capital agreed by Lender: £418k

Equity going into acquisition: £332k

Diligence is 90% completed and the close date has been set for July 2022.

Feel free to reach out if interested and would like to discuss.