Dear Search Fund Entrepreneurs,

I am writing my Master’s Thesis on Search Funds intending to collect data on (1) self-funded and (2) traditional Search Funds. Specifically, the thesis will focus on a comparison of the deal structure, demographics, motivation and search process of both Search Fund models.
This LINK ( will take you to my survey that targets entrepreneurs who have been/are currently involved in any of the three above-mentioned Search Fund models. I am looking for entrepreneurs in the phase of (1) search, (2) operation and (3) entrepreneurs who have already achieved an exit. The survey shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes and I would be very thankful if many of you participate.


I am very excited to create a valuable thesis and I would like to share my results with the community and use to increase the awareness of the Search Fund path amongst students.

Thank you very much for your time and your support.

Best regards Alexander Keil