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Worklyn Partners is a private equity search fund focused on executing a buy-and-build strategy via investments in cybersecurity and IT services businesses with an initial enterprise value between $10M and $50M . Headquartered in New York, NY, the fund was founded by Johnny Lieberman (HBS MBA ‘20) and Zack Miller (Penn/Wharton JD/MBA candidate on leave), high school buddies with a shared reverence for their fathers -- two self-employed octogenarian doctors in the Boston area who started from humble beginnings in Worcester, MA and Brooklyn, NY.

We are looking for fulltime summer interns, and we are seeking to hire both an undergrad analyst position and more experienced/MBA-level "head of acquisitions" position. Interns will support and have exposure to the entire sourcing, company diligence, and transaction negotiation lifecycle.

Ideal candidate for "head of acquisitions" position has 3+ years of relevant experience (banking and/or PE/growth investing preferred) and is interested in search. Could be ideal for a future or current MBA, but we're not picky about degrees.

Ideal candidate for undergrad position is a current college student looking to learn more about M&A, private equity, and/or search funds. Experience analyzing business financials or working on M&A transactions is preferred but not required.

Why You Should Work With Us: • You’ll get upside: Depending on your school, we may be able to provide a stipend or academic credit for your time, plus a large finder’s fee if you help source the deal we ultimately invest in. We would also like to convert this position to a longer-term, paid part-time role if there is mutual interest. • You’ll learn a ton: if you’re thinking about doing a search fund, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the process and test out whether it’s what you want to do. You’ll be riding shotgun with us, helping with searching/sourcing, intern management, company diligence, financial modeling, and transaction negotiation. Even if you don’t want to do a search fund, you’ll learn valuable skills for a career in banking, PE, Growth Equity or VC.
• You’ll have fun: We take work seriously, but not ourselves. You will be treated more like a peer than an employee. We’re looking for someone to build with us.