You know what's worse than no deal?

A bad deal.

The kind that doesn't put your business on a solid foundation.

The kind that leaves you picking up the pieces for years.

I'm here to tell you it's not just sellers who sugarcoat the deal.

Many of these folks (not all) sugarcoat and more:

-> Business listing brokers

-> Direct SBA lending partners

-> Buy a biz paid community founders

Monetary cash incentives are paid when YOU, the business buyer, say yes.

These people are hungry.

At your expense.

Many sugarcoated deals pass underwriting lender approval.

When money is to be made, games are played. Sugarcoating is devious.

Some buyers accept the sugarcoating to close a deal at any cost. Not my clients. I see you.

If you value honesty, follow the rules, and keep things transparent, you're exactly who I work with.

Sometimes, the best deal is the one you didn't make.

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