As part of a roll up the first deal we have on the table is a very healthy business but their EBITA is $600k average over the last few years. As a result there are some stringent requirements we're facing at the current lenders we're speaking to that will hinder future deals and deal speed.

The business has been around for over a decade, very good track record of earnings and is going to be supplemented by a heavy level of retained equity by the sellers. The ask from the bank is less than 1 year's EBITA to take over 100% of cashflows and majority equity.

Any recommendations on lenders or investors that would look at this less stringently in terms of covenants relating to personal guarantees or extreme equity requirements given the high level of retained equity and high level of sellers finance involved (40% and 40% of the deal respectively with the lender being asked to fund 20% of the deal purchase price).