I have put together a framework for what has ended up being a more compelling pitch on our Searchfund platform than I expected. MY background is a theology school dropout, doing commercial real estate and our firm has morphed over the years to doing a lot of national site selection, labor valuation, financial incentives and running a rural economic development platform.

What you don't see in there is anything around finance or structuring an investment "ask". What are some line items or costs you may have overlooked or didn't account for enough when structuring your Searchfund? Was it around due diligence? marketing? salaries for key players?

I am also a Midwesterner so I tend to be conservative and somewhat reserved when it comes to asking for money, but I believe strongly in what we are building and have the concept validated by many who have been in and around PE for decades so I want to make sure I account for everything we will need and make sure we get the investment we need to start strong.