Bruce will get you approved and funded! We recently acquired Highland Roofing, a commercial roofing contractor in North Carolina, and found ourselves repeatedly screened out due to (i) the size of the loan required, (ii) the amount of goodwill on the balance sheet, and (iii) the company’s new construction exposure. Until Bruce, we struggled find a financing partner that saw what we saw – a vibrant, growing company with a deep pool of talent. Bruce and FBOL got the pitch and saw our vision when no one else would. Bruce and his team get highest marks for how they conducted themselves throughout the process.

Bruce is honest and direct and gives the hard feedback needed to get through a tough funding process. He moves fast, working nights and weekends to get your loan package ready and through committee, and he has your best interests in mind. The First Bank of the Lake closing and credit teams are also first rate, and anyone you’ll be put in contact with has decades of SBA loan experience – which is critical for navigating the SBA regs to make sure your loan gets funded.

Please contact me on Searchfunder. I’m happy to serve as a reference for Bruce.

Jamie Schmidt