Doing a first look at a 20 year old specialty manufacturer of custom poly bags. They sell to 40 different distributors (no signif concentration) in many industries, but pharma, medical and food (FDA compliance) are the largest ones. Most business is repeat / word of mouth. No sales/marketing/website. All orders and quote requests come in through email. Payments are received within 10 days via ACH after an order is shipped. I'd have 2 foremen and 6 machine operators staying around.

$4.5m revenue and $865k SDE (19% margins). $2.8m list price (3.2x SDE). Consistent financial performance last 3 years.

Just curious if anyone has ever looked at a business like this and what the emerging threats might be to the industry. The IBIS report mentions regulatory risk on single-use plastic and I'm guessing there could be potential for environmental issues related to contamination of where the business is or risks of getting looped into any related lawsuits.