Many of you run podcasts & events where you are looking for Searchers/Investors who are practitioners to share their experiences with your audience and so this is me just putting my hand up and offering to connect.

Last year, I taught the only ETA class that's offered in Cornell's MBA Program, Tim Bovard (founder of Seach Fund Accelerator) invited me several times to speak to his class at Columbia Business School, and tonight I'm speaking at New Majority Capital's 8-week ETA immersion program.

I'm based in NYC, so I can usually get to wherever with enough notice. Looking forward to connecting!

Feel free to reach me at Bio:

Bakari is currently the Director of Corporate Development for an International Engineering & Manufacturing Software company where he sources and executes acquisitions of software businesses. Previously, he was the Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for an Artificial Intelligence company where he led a team of investment professionals acquiring eCommerce businesses. Before that, he was Director at a Private Equity firm based in California, leading deal sourcing and capital raising. In each role, Bakari has been responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and executing multi-million dollar acquisitions. Bakari also regularly teaches MBA candidates at leading Ivy League business schools how to buy businesses.

Shortly after undergrad, Bakari founded Graves Hall Capital executing a self-funded search to acquire companies. During his search, he participated in the acquisition of an $25M educational technology company with Iron Creek Partners and acquired a $35M burlap bag manufacturing company. with Granite Creek Partners, LLC where he recruited the company's CEO and sits on the board of directors.