Brokers share deals with acquirers but do acquirers share deals between themselves?

I'm creating a private sought-after deal flow directory to facilitate the sharing of deal flow between the buy-side. Here is my simple logic...

1. Everyone is looking for deal flow. It's a numbers game after all.

2. Everyone is willing to pay a finders fee for a closed deal.

3. Buy-side reviews hundreds of deals in a given month.

4. Many reasons to pass on a deal. As they say, "one person's trash is another person's treasure".

Why not create an easy way for the buy-side to share deals with each other?

The simple idea is that if you see an interesting deal but it does not fit your criteria, you're able to access a directory to see if anyone else is looking for a similar deal. If yes, you reach out and share the deal with them. If they close, you receive a finders fee. This creates a win/win situation. In a way, you're creating your own deal scout network.

I want to give this concept a try and see if it adds value. I've put together an Airtable directory with a form for you to submit details about your desired deal flow. If I see that people are filling it out and there's good traction, I'll password protect the directory and make it accessible to anyone who wants to participate.

To clarify - this is not a deal flow directory. Do not post deals here. This is for you to post details about your desired acquisition target.

Submit here: Deal Exchange Form

Let me know what you think of this idea.