Hi everyone,

I am a solo, self-funded searcher looking exclusively in the DFW Metro (Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas) for manufacturing or home/business service companies with EBITDA between###-###-#### mil.

I started and grew (bootstrapped) a snack food manufacturing company over the past 8 years after graduating my MBA program. I exited that business at the end of 2021.

While I am perfectly happy on my solo search, and things have been going well, I wanted to let everyone here know that if a fund/office was looking for operators to manage target companies I would be interested in that opportunity.

As previously mentioned, I am an MBA with CEO, Head of Manufacturing, and General Manager experience as a part of owning, growing, and operating my previous company, and would love to talk to anyone who could use someone like that as a part of a deal/portfolio.

My major requirement is that I am geographically wanting to stay in DFW. As far as industry/role, I am more flexible, as I am happy to learn a new skillset if required and overall my managerial skillset is very broad anyway so it is unlikely I have NO experience in a given area (tech excluded, but I feel this website's audience is not especially geared towards tech anyway).

Anyone who is interested in talking to an operator, please let me know and I can provide more information about my situation and skillset. Respond here, DM, or email at --@----.com