What investment groups will solely write the equity check for non-SBA size ETA deals?

Do any investors in this community write these checks for recent MBAs without operating or industry experience? More of the banking/ PE background like a lot of folks pursuing ETA.

I'm aware of the pros and cons of an individual sponsor model both for the investor and searcher. Also, know all about the searchfund investors that do accelerator programs.

I'm interested in investors that would write equity checks for self-funded or fundless searchers that have a deal under LOI or could have a deal under LOI with the right partner?

Would any investors that fit this mold have enough dry powder to continue to write checks for a roll-up thesis?

For example, let's say a platform deal with a TEV of $15m and 50% LTV, so $7.5m equity check trading at 5x, so $3m in ebitda. Roll-up ebitda goal maybe around the $20m range so an incremental $17m of ebitda to acquire at 3x ebitda. So the sponsor would underwrite ~$50m incremental TEV of acquisitions or another ~$25m of equity checks assuming 50% LTV financing.