1. passive searcher led acquisition minority equity investments focused on fast growth and achieving multiple accretion - 50-250K into people like you to be an equity partner, we sign up to help at varying degrees of involvement depending on needs of the searcher - should be 30-40% IRR over the life of the deal
  2. quasi-active local ventures - 50-250K into tiny deals or ventures focused on real income generation - should be 40-80% IRR and require "active" management, but look more like a part time job / side hustle for equity. Nice terminal value but no multiple accretion. Ex. laundramats, vending machines, etc.
  3. active own-operate deals - this is TWG and other similar deals where we lead and need to see convincing case for 100%+ IRR over 5Y. We're trying to figure out if we can execute this in an operating partner model so we can scale ourselves. Returns will go down, but there's enough there that it shouldn't matter.