SearchFunder member here posting anonymously as I'm under NDA for this opportunity and would like to discuss details with the right individual(s).

I found a local eComm business, owner is retiring and it is an attractive opportunity...details about myself and the deal below:

- MBA-educated, experienced operator with 20+ years finance and operations experience
- New father and thus slightly risk-adverse at the moment. Currently fully employed as finance exec but would like a change.
- Seeking opportunity to roll-up my sleeves and create value for myself, my family and backers.

The Opportunity:
- Tenured (30+ years) business in mainstream industry selling parts online for a sticky product that has seen 62% growth YoY###-###-#### avg figures vs 2021)
- Sales are achieved without Marketing or Advertising, cost of customer acquisition is zero.
- Annual sales have been consistently near $2M with SDE at $500k
- Ample opportunities to streamline operations, improve margins and increase revenue (e.g. Drive traffic and/or establish new revenue centers within existing vertical.)
- Seeking strategic partner to share financial risk (investment could be as little as $100k or as much as $2.5M) and utilize e-comm expertise to take this business to the next level.