I could really use some help uncovering industries to go after.

The main attributes I'm searching for in an acquisition include:

B2B Services (My background)

Recurring / Contractual Revenue

Low Cyclicality / Seasonality

Low Ongoing Capital Expenditure Needs

Resistant to Macro Economic Trends & Customer Price Sensitivity (as in, It serves a Critical Need in the Business)

Large Addressable Market with Little Business Consolidation (Fragmented), or

An Obscure, Out-of-Sight Business Segment with Few Competent Competitors.

Low Risk of Technological Obsolescence

Low Risk of Regulatory Threats

Non-Commoditized (No “Race to Bottom”)

High Competitive Barriers

I might be wasting my time hunting a unicorn, because the only things that come to mind are:

1: Technology-Enabled B2B Services (Excluding Marketing Services)

2: Business Process Outsourcing

3: Regulatory & Compliance Related Services

4: Facilities Management (Maybe)

Any ideas as to what industries I could be missing?

As a final note, I'm looking USA-wide that may be run as absentee.

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