Hi all, I have posted here from time to time sharing some of my experience in M&A. My partner Spencer and I have formed Skylight Equity as an independent sponsor (rather than a traditional search fund) and we are looking to partner with established searchers. Our strategy would involve sourcing and structuring an acquisition, and then partnering with an established searcher to operate the business. We envision sharing in the economics of the acquisition (including contributing capital), with the searcher obviously retaining the substantial portion of the typical upside. Like many of you, our backgrounds are fairly traditional (banking, PE/hedge fund, corp dev), and we aren't necessarily looking to be operators. I have worked in buy side M&A for the lion's share of my career and have significant experience sourcing, structuring and closing acquisitions, especially in the lower middle market.

If this is something that would be of interest, please send me a message here and we can get in touch.