Hello all. I'm looking at two separate opportunities (both brokered) to buy businesses in the same small-ish city that I believe would be quite complementary (though they do not compete with each other). Both opportunities are pre-LOI. I'm trying to consider the prospect of buying both companies at the same time. I'd be financing both deals with SBA loan(s). I had a few questions on which I'd appreciate any insight:

1) Is this a dumb idea? I have not acquired a business before and don't have industry experience, though both business models are fairly simple.

2) Should I assume the brokers/banks/sellers will be resistant to this idea for reasons of complexity/ability to focus on the acquired firm/staff retention/etc.?

3) Is running concurrent due diligence processes for two businesses unrealistic for a self-funded searcher?

4) I'm assuming that I should disclose my intentions prior to the signing of the LOI, even though I would not condition one deal on the successful completion of the other (in other words, if due diligence kicked up a dealbreaker for Company A, I'd still want to buy Company B). Is that the right approach?

Thanks in advance.