I looked at a business back in December that was publicly listed on a brokerage's website along with other aggregators. I signed an NDA 8 months ago and still haven't seen any CIM. I follow up every month or so and eventually spoke with the brokers boss. She said they were waiting on financials and that the owner was on the fence about selling. I still haven't seen any materials and the listing is still active. I follow up every few weeks but they're clearly fairly annoyed with me and I don't see them ever being cooperative in a potential sale of the business to myself.

A 2 minute search on google revealed the name of the business based only on the listing details. Normally I wouldn't pursue any deal that had this many red flags but the business is right in my wheelhouse and I think there's a lot of potential for some kind of deal between the seller and myself, just probably not one that the broker would like.

Anyone have any practical advice on how to pursue this directly with the owner if that's even possible?