A seller just emailed that they'd "like to see some documentation of your credit worthiness. Before we spend a bunch of time and energy, we’d like to know that you have the capital to do some sort of transaction."

I'm self-funded and don't want to share exactly what funds I have available. My hunch is that this business is pretty small, so I'm really not worried about the equity financing piece. I don't know the exact EBITDA of the business (it's a proprietary, non-brokered deal) so I don't want to reveal "I can pay up to x" if I then ascertain the business is worth .5x. Plus in general, I just don't like sharing personal financial information.

Any tips for how to reply, and what (if anything) concrete to share without pegging it to a specific dollar amount (of either my funds, or the EV I can pay with my funds + loan)?