Hi All

Just wondering if any self-funded searchers, who are actively searching, and/or new operators would be interested in joining a what's app group to discuss self-funded search specific questions over text and/or call rather than in the post and/or comments. If you are interested following are the details:

What - A WhatsApp group of active self-funded searchers and operators, who acquired their business using the self-funded search.

Why - Considering the DIY nature of the self-funded search, we come across a lot of questions on a daily basis that are not addressed in the HBR guide, the Stanford Premier, and on Jim's blog. Not to mention that most of the posts and comments are from a traditional search fund perspective. So, I think peer mentoring via text and calls would be much more efficient for the searchers by discussing your questions with somebody who has already gone through that step, This group can also be utilized to discuss the reviews and recommendations on required professional services. Operators might also get to know about the potential investment opportunities.

How - Just comment below that you are interested, along with where you are in your search, and I will DM you to get your number and add it to the group