Attention Self-Funded Searchers -

I have pivoted our investment firm PVG from Venture Capital to Self-Funded Search for the near future.

We have written check sizes from $100K all the way to $1M in the past. Deals include OpenAI, Jackpocket (acquired by DraftKings) and Skupos (acquired by PDI).

Prior to starting this firm, I worked in Private Equity, JPM M&A Investment Banking and JPM HNW Private Banking.

Our group of LPs includes 125+ HNW and Family Office members who are accredited and invest in deals.

I’ve completed 25x funded deals to date and another 10x at my prior firm so very familiar with capital raising and closing deals.

Please feel free to reach out if you’re thinking about how to fund your self-search.

Whether that is with friends and family capital or outside funds - happy to talk through it.