I am new to Searchfunder.com, so I hope this post is on-point and in-bounds.

Currently, I am pursuing a consolidation of accounting (non-CPA), bookkeeping, and strategic/fractional CFO firms. Targeted EBITDA between $500k to $5mm.

I am seeking long-term investment partners who would be willing to:

1. commit towards operational and strategic guidance

2. assist with development of board of directors and overall 'professionalization' of any acquisition

3. provide capital backing for multiple subsequent acquisitions over the next three years

I am building out an investor list for raises on a deal-by-deal basis, and as such, will be able to deliver deal-specific (and often favorable) terms for investors.

I am currently in my inaugural deal search, performing my first marketing campaign to targets, and seeing solid traction so far. Thankfully, engaged in a handful of intro conversations with sellers, information sharing, preliminary bank conversations, and with offers soon to come.

Looking forward to connecting with investors and sharing a little more of my vision and consolidation thesis, as well as understanding investors' objectives.

Feel free to message me on SearchFunder or email me at --@----.com to connect.

Thank you!