Hi out there - I'm self-funded and currently negotiating the LOI and also working on the financing. In all of the reference material (Ruback/Yudoff and the Primer etc..) and talking with some others in my situation there's been discussion that self-funders have a lot more leverage when bringing deals to investors regarding structure - equity percentage etc. What have other self-funded searchers done###-###-#### %) - vested at deal close and time and performance based or just close and performance. Also I would like to know what others have done in regarding classes of stock? -redeemable preferred vs non-redeemable participating preferred vs common vs profit interest vs strip equity financing etc.. And any other equity structure that's out there that I've never heard of.

Thanks (now I'm thinking I should have done a couple of years as an IB analyst instead of jumping out of perfectly airplanes and running around the desert). -Tim