I am a new member of this group and currently exploring 2 different franchise opportunities. Wondering if this group has any views on the following

1. Cost Reduction Franchise: Help businesses reduce indirect expenses by benchmarking and negotiating with existing (or new) vendors. Franchise earns x% of the savings over 2-3 years.

Pro: Could be recession-proof as who does not want to reduce costs during tough times.

Con: Cost Owner might not realize the work involved and thinks they can do it on their own.

2. Business Brokerage Franchise: Helps a business sell or Franchise. Help an investor buy (should be a great fit with this group). Franchise earns x% of the deal value.

Pros: Dealing with a business owner directly for a transaction that would be a top priority for her/him. Good return for the time spent, as long as the deal pipeline is healthy.

Cons: Deal flow can be sporadic and the bid-ask spread could be too wide for unsophisticated buyers and sellers.