I am a UK resident who has a deal in place to buy a US-based business in Los Angeles. The company is a strong participant in the niche market of media production and Equipment Sales and has a selection of premium well-known client names on its books and is looking to broaden its horizons in product marketing and demographic footprint. Given the uniqueness of product and successful project completion work, the company enjoys a large amount of repeat orders and is cosily positioned to market technologies of the future as they are brought to market having a skilled workforce in this field.

I do not have the millions of dollars required at hand to make this purchase. I see an SBA solution as a potential funding option and as I am UK-based do not qualify for the lending criteria at the moment. This is where I need a US-based investment partner who would be willing to partner in my venture with a majority shareholding required to secure the lending facility. I am willing to reach out to any wiling participants to discuss further and understand more about this deal