Good morning,

I am looking for a partner to even out our strengths and weaknesses. If you are younger, without much experience, this may be for you.

This is because I have experience running organizations ranging in size from a four person Team to well over 100 personnel and all that comes with it. All of that in high pressure situations with a lot on the line in the military.

Together, we can allay the big concerns that people have when moving forward with a deal. My lack of an MBA from a school and your lack of experience making organizations "run on time".

Goal: Start with something on the smaller side, establishing harmony between one another and a proof of concept for ourselves, lenders, and other business owners. Then, move on and purchase bigger companies down the road.

Austin/San Antonio is the ideal location, but open to any solid opportunities.

If this makes sense and sounds appealing, do not hesitate to contact me.