Hi All! I'm seeking $4M debt for an asset light business. Details are below if anyone has any tips on lenders that might be interested (senior debt or sub debt firms that might want part or all of it). I've got a couple but would like a few more. To hit on the biggest issue....if the lender focuses on assets, it will give them heartburn. If they focus on cash flow, it will look great. No personal guarantee. Yes, current structure won't work with SBA.

Below are some relevant characteristics of the business: • Based in Southeast • Asset light services business • Consistent growth, profits and margins

Below is some detail on the transaction structure and what we are seeking: • Currently under LOI • $4M of total debt (Will be $3.0-$3.5M airball) that can easily be serviced by cash flow (think 2-3x EBITDA) • Will have $3.5M+ of family capital behind it • No personal guarantee • Current owners will roll proceeds and own 20% of Newco • Acquiring in concert with a single family office • After a medium term transition period, business will be run by a new operator we have already sourced
Feel free to DM me, or post info below and I'll follow up with folks. Thank for the help!