Hello Search Funder Community,

I will be officially launching my search to acquire a company within the Food & Beverage manufacturing industry in March. This will be my second search after successfully finding and acquiring a $20MM bakery business in###-###-#### I currently have 9 co-investors committed and am looking for one final investor before launching the search.

My last search/acquisition provided a substantial ROI for everyone involved. I'm confident the F&B space is even better set up than it was 3 years ago for great returns. From an investor standpoint, I am looking for Food & Beverage experts or investors knowledgeable in the CPG world. I would appreciate any leads or connections from this community and am happy to reciprocate.

I am also happy to discuss with other searchers or providers in this area. If you may be interested yourself, or know someone who may be, please reach out. Thanks in advance!

Happy Searching, Jordan