Bio: Ron Hitson


Ron Hitson here!

48 year old, long time facilities services veteran. I've worked in Security services, Janitorial services, Landscaping services, and Grounds keeping services. I've also spent the earlier part my career in manufacturing and distribution. All of my experience has been in leadership roles.

To start, I am searching for a janitorial supply company to acquire. There are only so many in my home state of Georgia, therefore I have secondary industries that I plan to pursue if I cannot find a janitorial supply company.

Seeking potential investors and flexible non-depositry bank lenders. I am not looking to "buy, build and flip" in 5-7 years nor am I seeking to create a portfolio of companies to own.

I am interested in owning and operating one business for at least###-###-#### years. I've always wanted to acquire a business, create a culture that people want to be apart of and help build a great, profitable company over time. I am not interested in 'passive/set it and forget it/absentee' situations, at least not for the first 5 years.

Post your questions or send a direct message. For a list of my secondary industries, please see "Acquisition Appetizer" Image below.

Thank you,

Ron Hitson