Hi all - I am hoping to hear some thoughts/ideas from the community on the following two topics:

1) How do you re-engage sellers who appear to have lost interest? It happened to us several times when we had a great call with the seller, sent them our confi/DD list right away, but then things got in the way and we lost momentum. What are some of the ways to (i) prevent that from happening and (ii) re-engage sellers?
We've done a few things that appear to have improved the general transaction flow, including (i) a shorter initial diligence list, and (ii) trying to schedule a check-in call immediately after the first intro call. Any other tips/tricks that you find useful?

2) Does anyone have experience with Zenefits for HR/Payroll and Guideline for 401k? I heard good things, but wondering if there are contrary opinions out there. Also, does anyone know how good those solutions are for multi-entity organizations (e.g. a rollup)