My partners and I have a deep domain expertise in the commercial landscaping industry, and specifically in the ways automation will drastically change the economics of the industry over the next 5-7 years. I previously founded a residential lawn service that utilized robotic mowers and was featured on Shark Tank, Techcrunch Disrupt's Battlefield, and CBS' This Morning. I'm now seeking a commercial maintenance business with $10+ million in revenue and $1+ million EBITDA as the initial platform for a much larger rollup. We will happily pay broker/referral fees if anyone can bring us the right opportunity.

Criteria from most-to-least important:
- Commercial (90+% of revenue at least)
- $10+ mm revenue
- $1+ mm EBITDA
- Primarily recurring maintenance revenue (50%+), not design/build. Some snow work is fine.
- Preference for West Coast, Texas, Atlanta or Charlotte, and possibly Midwest. Not interested in the Northeast

If you know of any deals or brokers working deals like these, even if you just come across them posted somewhere, we're happy to pay referral fees. We already have a buy-side broker and are doing direct outreach, but we want to move very quickly and so I'm looking to increase deal flow. We'll be making many acquisitions beyond the first one, so this is a standing offer. Any help from this community would be much appreciated.