Seeking capital.
We are a private international holding company seeking Cash Flow funding/lending for acquisitions in the financial services sector. We are combining Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science. We have an exceptional team with over 280 years of experience in business, M&A, and the financial services sector. Our target acquisitions are small, mid, and large companies with positive EBITDA and a strong management team. The current target acquisition has an EBITDA of over $3.5M and Revenues over $14M. We are looking for $12M to close out the acquisition. The free, unencumbered cash flow would service the debt, and your ROI would be a minimum of 12%. Our objective is to roll up a highly fragmented financial service sector that revolutionizes the industry with the combination of AI/Behavioral science. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We are looking to close on this deal shortly. This is an excellent business opportunity for the right silent investor/lender if you like to make money with a double-digit return. Please note this opportunity is based on Cash Flow Lending.

Business Services
United States
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