Good evening. I am happy to announce we have openings on our board of directors for the CFO position, non-executive accountant, and non-executive legal board members, as well as one industry expert position.

We are assembling a world-class Board of Directors that will be augmented with excellent legal and accounting representation. Founding Board members will be given equity and will never be asked to contribute capital.
Criteria for these are as follows:
For non-executive positions for accounting and legal primary skill is M&A experience in the veterinary field preferred (not most but a must); these would include high-level due diligence, interrogation, evaluation, financial analysis pre, and post-merger integrations. Minimum of 20+ years of experience.
Industry expert criteria are as follows:
Operational experience HR, IT development, and marketing and recruiting skills within the veterinary field M&A experience is a plus, not a must individual must be able to be boots on the ground at the time of the acquisition. Minimum of 20+ years of experience.

CFO criteria are as follows:
CFO minimum 20+ years of experience with M&A with a high emphasis on due diligence, interrogations, evaluations, pre, and post-merger integration. If experience is related to the vet industry, it is preferred, not a [redacted]