Hi all - not sure if this right place to post this, but throwing it out there anyway.

I'm not a seller or buyer, at least not directly; however my parents have indicated they may be looking to sell their security business (they are a system integrator) in the next year or so & I’m hoping to help them by facilitating that. They have some idea how a sale might happen via friends in the industry that have sold their businesses in other parts of the country, but they haven’t done any real work along those lines and are in no rush.

Admittedly, I’m quite green here. My background is in starting/building software companies, so most of my experience is in venture fundraising/financing, not small business M&A.

I’d love to get a better understanding of how to run a process around something like this when my parents are ready, and I'm hoping for a couple of things out of this post:
1. Any resources that may be useful -- e.g. what materials to put together, what to think about when selling, etc.
2. Anyone that would be willing to chat to help me learn how to best facilitate a sale