I'm posting my intro for any angel investors here who are open to assisting on a small funding initiative of $15,ooo for the development of a new ecommerce business. I come from a background of more than 11 years of diverse experience in digital marketing, supporting teams at predominantly leading brands in technology, financial services and ecommerce, which includes prior projects with Samsung Electronics, Walmart eCommerce, Microsoft, Harman International and more.

I'm working with a business coach for the next 6 months to help ensure profitability and to launch within the first 21 days. My preference is to work with a specialist business lender(s), angel investors, or alt financing guru. I'm also open to working with crowdfunding pros with a track record for success.

My target funding acquisition date is April-May###-###-#### Total amount sought is $15,000. $8700 for technical development costs, and approximately $4000 to cover startup administrative and operating costs.

If you have questions or would be able to make a referral or suggestion to a particular person or group, I would look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.